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I make comics and I write stories.

My Current Headspace - songs as inspiration for a project that is pretty much my 2014. 1/3 of the way through.

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Just finished reading


Just finished reading


La ChinoiseComics, basically.


La Chinoise

Comics, basically.

That awesome feeling…

..when you hit not only today’s writing target, but make up for the shitty session you had the day before. 






These two pieces were my own entries for the Technotwonic exhibition. The theme was bright, colorful, and cute. I got to thinking about how much cute poppy stuff soaks into our lives and how it doesn’t reconcile well with the unavoidable dark murky bits we face from time to time. We’ve got all of this creepy stuff zooming around us all of the time and it’s got to stand side by side with jellybeans and cuddly animals. Typically I think people try to compartmentalize these ideas and deal with the extreme ends on their own terms. These pieces are definitely ridiculous, but to me they’re about looking at it all at once. Everybody feels awkward and gross, perverted and angry, maybe capable of horrible things under unusual circumstances. Also, we like cute rabbits who sing and dance! I’m trying to melt your eyeballs and make your teeth hurt (also trying to creep you out a little).

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Silver Fox…
Short Lost Art comic featuring Charlotte and Eliza